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I work with computers and software (not pens or pencils or paint brushes) to create illustrations. I aim for my digital illustrations to be as photorealistic as possible, yet the subject matter that I choose to explore certainly is not intended to represent accurately the physical world that we all occupy. Quite the opposite. I attempt to create digital illustrations that depict characters and situations from an imaginary world that can exist only in a person’s mind.

The many illustrations I created for this work are about science fiction and time travel. One cannot go out and use a camera to capture what it looks like when humans travel in time. So, my digital illustrations provide highly visual depictions of impossibilities.

My creative work is not intended to look like cartoons such as The Simpsons. My depictions of people along with their behaviors and interactions should be perceived as photorealistic suggestions of impossibilities and make-believe.


Characters Ted Avila (top) and Carlo Zee (bottom)I am a gay male storyteller and illustrator. To advance the storytelling process, it was necessary for me to describe using text and depict using illustrations how gay men of the future might behave sexually..

This work is not intended to be erotic fiction, per se. But, I’ve learned that gay men are not disappointed by how I depict gay male sexual activity.

I intended these works to be a rare look at how masculine men express their sexual needs and desires towards other men. You will discover in my works that I steer clear of several deeply embedded traits of American gay culture that can be found on television, in film, and in print—eccentric or flamboyant, limp-wristed behaviors, feminized men with swishing talk, and so forth. You won’t find any of those tired stereotypes or worn-out clichés in any of my works. So, if you’re looking for the standard (usually stereotypical) approaches to how stories in movies or on television usually depict gay men, I’m sure that you will not be happy with my storytelling.



Marvin Mainer -- character Nicholas Cruz -- character Dani Zaman -- character Matt Lejeune -- character

Vincent Wauneka -- character

One major character is named Vincent Wauneka. He wears his long hair tied behind his back as do many of his Navajo cousins.Vincent Wauneka -- character







Vincent works as a time travel agent. While he is on missions to change the timelines of the part, he is known as a sex worker who only services male clients. I chose to depict him in respectful ways even though his choice to sell his body for sex is considered immoral in the real world we live in.

Sometimes, Vincent has to “act the part” (over-express himself) to show his clients that he is worth the very high prices they pay him—especially when Vincent takes on multiple sex partners as part of his work.

Vincent Wauneka -- character



My storytelling deals with death. Ritualized hangings are impacting society, so time travel agents are assigned to go on missions to change the past and completely eliminate these brutal homicides.

Since ancient times many men have shown a fascination with watching other men die. Yet, some people today think that is immoral or disgusting by current standards. I show illustrations of hangings  so you can decide for yourself how you feel about that.

Ritualized hanging ceremony

My storytelling raises an important question: What happens to humanity’s definition of life after we start using time travel technology on the moon to resurrect men from the dead?