Tomorrow Stories

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A series of short stories with explicit, uncensored illustrations based on characters and situations created for the Baja Clavius universe has launched. The first in the series (Volume #1) is available exclusively on Gumroad for those who become members by subscribing for $2 for three months to the Desouza Vault.

Penis Envy Ranch currently is not available for purchase as an individual title but is available exclusively to Desouza Vault subscribers.

This is 26 pages with a generous collection of original 3D digital images of men by Madeira Desouza. The story is within the science fiction time travel adventure genre and it explores a mysterious sex entertainment ranch near Las Vegas that services male clients exclusively using realistic but synthetic life forms as livestock.

The first of its kind, this is Volume #1 of the Baja Clavius Time Travel Moon Base Tomorrow Stories series.

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