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The nickname of “Baja Clavius” refers to a lunar base beneath Clavius, a large crater on the Moon. Las Vegas artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza created characters and science fiction situations for stories told about that lunar base and the people who work there. The downloadable 2023 version is out of print and no longer available.

It is an original science fiction time travel adventure that is similar to the storytelling style and tone of Russell T Davies of “Cucumber and Banana,” “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” fame on the BBC


Baja Clavius is more than out of this world—it evades comparison. Our protagonist Ted Avila is a former military man commissioned to become a top-secret time travel agent on a lunar base nicknamed “Moon Men Deep Inside” located beneath the crater Clavius. His mission is to repair timelines in the past to save humanity by employing his insatiable carnal appetite and penchant for domination.
Gay science fiction enthusiasts can expect a treat when they read Baja Clavius. How time travel alters past events is shown by the author revisiting scenes which have different outcomes. This technique is normally associated with great movie directors such as Akira Kurosawa in Rashomon.

grab him by his balls

Baja Clavius espouses the bara genre, a Japanese underground art form known for sex among adult men. Still, even outside of this community, the rugged, rough-hewn intensity of Desouza’s work bears merit. While this oftentimes violent and sprawling sci-fi thriller is not for everyone, it offers compelling imagery and curious insights into a boundless universe.

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