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No exaggeration, Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside is one of the most unique and unusual science fiction time travel books you will ever read!

Vincent hitchhikingThis novel-length book is based upon actual events in real life. The science fiction connection to real life began when the author encountered a Navajo named Vincent who was hitchhiking on a lonely, isolated road a very long time ago.

The Science Fiction Time Travel Story Comes to You from the Moon

The story in this book is set two hundred or so years from the present day and follows the adventures of a group of time travelers who work on dangerous missions to change the past on Earth. All missions have the goal of changing what happened in years past so that in the future the self-destruction of human civilization is prevented. The novel is engaging right from the start and takes the readers on a thrilling adventure filled with twists and turns. Madeira Desouza’s storytelling has been compared the style and tone of Russell T Davies of Doctor Who and Torchwood fame on the BBC.

This story brings you adventures of gay male science fiction involving masculine gay men who use time travel to the past on Earth from a top-secret underground base beneath the lunar crater Clavius. Important social issues such as the sexual manipulation of men by other men and life after death are presented in this storytelling.

Stoking the Culture Wars

These young gay men whom you will meet in this storytelling are devious and deceitful. They are required by their employer, MMDI, to use deviousness and deceitfulness to succeed in the sexual manipulation of everyday men in the past on Earth who are not famous and whose names and personal actions never are preserved in any history books.

The story you will read in Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside depicts overt sexual manipulation of ordinary men who lived in the past on Earth because they played significant roles in determining crucial historic outcomes that went on to shape the very future of human civilization. The purpose of MMDI time travel is to change critical timelines in the past so that human civilization will not self-destruct.

You will encounter a world in Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside in which gay men work as timeline repair men using proven methods of male sexual manipulation. The MMDI time-travel agents are a top-secret society whose day-to-day jobs help preserve and maintain human life and civilization.

Of course, this importance of gay men to human society in the fictionalized future depicted in Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside stands in vivid contrast with the reality we know on present day Earth where gay men are widely hated, marginalized and persecuted by straight people. In the fictionalized future you will encounter in Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside gay men show their valor and adaptability in safeguarding the continuation of the human species.

Excitement and Danger Flourish

The characters in this book constantly find themselves in dangerous situations, trying to survive against all odds. The author does a strongly credible job of capturing the sense of fear and uncertainty that pervades the atmosphere in these moments. The characters’ struggles to survive are portrayed realistically, and the scenes are vividly described, encouraging the readers to imagine what people might be like in the 23rd century.

The time travel agents are muscular and masculine gay males who were born on Earth but work for a top-secret time travel agency codenamed MMDI (the initials for “Moon Men Deep Inside.”) Gay men are deployed exclusively by the agency because of the need for MMDI time travel agents to succeed in the sexual manipulation of men in the past on Earth as an integral part of their top-secret missions. While gay agents can pretend to be straight if they need is to sexually manipulate females in the past on Earth, straight men are not hired by the agency because straight men cannot succeed at sexually manipulating fellow males convincingly. Time travel agents live in a huge base situated down deep inside the moon below the floor of the lunar crater Clavius.

The plot of the book is filled with suspense, and the pacing is excellent. This keeps the reader invested in the story from the beginning until the end. The attention to detail is impressive, and the author’s vivid descriptions of the lunar environment and locations on Earth in the past give readers much to stimulate their imaginations.

One of the main strengths of the book is its writing style. The author paints a vivid picture of the setting, and his descriptions of the environment and characters are nuanced and detailed. Desouza’s narrative style keeps the reader engaged and interested in the story. The language used in the book is straightforward, yet powerful, and conveys the necessary emotions effectively.

As to the characters, themselves, if compared to today’s behavioral norms, these young men may appear to be devious and deceitful. They use time travel to the past time as a means to force changes upon Earth history to alter how the future turns out. The racially diverse time travel agents may seem to be immoral and sometimes violent. But for them, the outcome of changing the future justifies all that they do. Repairing and rearranging timelines in the past is how they attempt to prevent human civilization from descending into chaos and self-destruction in the future.

Enjoy Stunningly Realistic Images of Life in the Future

No other aspects of the storytelling are more powerful than the original Madeira Desouza illustrations showing life in the future. You can look at his images of the characters and situations which you can explore here on this website at no cost to you. Find out how those who purchase the ebook can get all the original images for free.

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