March 28, 2014 Review on Amazon

This review of my science fiction time travel adventure novel was posted on on March 28, 2014:

Time travel is one of the most interesting and rich themes in science-fiction. It offers so many variations for dealing with paradoxes and inconsistencies that arise from changing the past. Madeira Desouza’s gay erotic tale of time-traveling agents raises a question I have never seen posed before: how do time travelers cope with the changes that have been wrought in their home world by their efforts to fix problems in the past. MMDI–which is both the title of the book and a play on the acronym for the agency–suggests the agents will have to be effectively brainwashed upon their return so that they are not traumatized by the consequences of their actions. So then, what if an agent can’t forget?

This book is occasionally delightfully sexy. But the most intriguing parts of the story are the occasional recurrences where events are repeated with slight changes because the protagonist Time Travel Agent goes back and tries to change outcomes. The sexiness is fun, but the time travel is mind-boggling in just the way a good science fiction novel can be entrancing and satisfying.

[Note: This version of the Madeira Desouza eBook is no longer available on so the review is no longer available there.]

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