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If you understand changes George Lucas made to previously released versions of Star Wars movies, and also changes Ridley Scott made to previously released versions of Blade Runner, it will be clear to you why I was motivated to make changes to previously released versions of Baja Clavius. In my situation, however, there was a lot more going on than artistic license or securing of legal rights compelling me to make changes.

Here is the full background on my storytelling about time travel agents on the moon. In 1990 I began writing toward what would become a full-length novel. I did not know it at the time, but three decades would be needed for me to be satisfied with the definitive version of my novel. 

Before I settled upon a title for my time travel adventure Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside, I initially created a precursor story—a novella about a character named Danny Muncaster.

book covers of previous versions

After the release in the early 2000s of the Danny Muncaster precursor story I went on to write two science fiction time travel adventure novellas, Dare Not Ask The Dead (2008) and Lost Cowboy Moon Time (2012).

The original print paperback book version of Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside was officially registered in the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, DC in 2017 — Registration Number TX 8-423-630.
My science fiction time travel adventure writing brought about censorship when I attempted to distribute it through a lesser-known alternative eBook vendor, Smashwords.
I hate censorship and needed to respond, so I pulled my works off Smashwords. I since have been happy as a writer that I switched instead to Amazon for the 2020 novel and the 2021 sequel. I never have experienced any censorship at all from Amazon and I recommend other writers choose to stay away from Smashwords.
Several outdated and unavailable titles, covers, and details continue to be listed on Goodreads. See below for a complete listing of what are now five separate document versions of Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside.
In addition to censorship, I also experienced discrimination rooted in anti-gay prejudices held by straight people. From the very start, as a gay male author, I accepted that I would invite challenges by writing science fiction time travel adventures for gay men.
For one brief moment, I even considered that I should write science fiction time travel adventures for straight readers. My thinking was that readers who are gay—particularly gay males—are fewer in number compared to the population of straight readers of both genders.
I chose to more forward and write science fiction time travel adventures for readers who happen to be gay and male to be true to who I am.

I fell for the exuberance shown by Amazon for their publishing platform, Kindle Vella. I believe Amazon failed to show the marketplace relevance of or a consumer need for a token-based publishing platform. However, the sequel I released in 2021 in good faith for the Kindle Vella platform is still available:

2021 Sequel

Title:  Baja Clavius: Dream Time for Moon Men
Author:  Madeira Desouza
Publisher:  independently published; sold on Amazon
Release date:  July 14, 2021
Cover artist:  Madeira Desouza
Buy:  serialized format on Kindle Vella
Genre:  Sci-fi, time travel
Pairing:  man-on-man sexual encounters
Tags:  gay, masculine men, bara genre
Length:  approx. 40,000 words; approx. 100 printed pages
Warnings:  violence, aggressive gay men, bara genre

Comparing the Versions

2023 VersionThis version is out of print and no longer available. I consider this as a failed attempt on my part to replace the outdated novel paperback book and the serialized sequel.

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Novel (2020) and Sequel (2021)Both are outdated and out of print.
Paperback — Version “A”Out of print — limited availability
Rebooted, Remixed eBook — Version “B”No longer available
Text + Images eBook — Version “C”No longer available

The 2020 novel contains a dozen or so new sentences that I added which never appeared at all in previous editions. I added those new sentences to make the storytelling clearer and more compelling.
The most obvious change from versions “A” and “B” and “C” to the 2020 novel is a rearrangement of material for clarity. The opening chapter had been entitled “Clavius Cowboys” which became “Chapter 2: Cowboys on the Moon” in the 2020 novel.
An obvious difference between the 2020 novel and “A’ and “B” and “C” is that there was a chapter entitled “The Mortal Remains” that has been deleted. My assessment was that chapter was not essential to the storytelling and I came to accept that chapter slowed down the narrative flow. There are other, minor, deletions of portions of chapters in the 2020 novel compared to previous editions to streamline the finished product.
Other Changes:

The 2020 novel has individual titles for each chapter. “B” and “C” chapters only were identified solely by number compared to chapters in “A” which each had individual titles. Also, in the 2020 novel and “B” and “C” I no longer identify subsections as “Book One,” “Book Two,” etc. because I felt designating those subsections by name slowed down the narrative flow.
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Protected by U.S. Copyright:

Certification of Registration under the seal of the Copyright Office in Washington, DC.
  • Registration Number: TX8-423-630
  • Effective Date of Registration: May 31, 2017
  • Title of Work: Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside
  • Year of Completion: 2017
  • Date of First Publication: May 8, 2017
  • Nation of First Publication: United States
  • International Standard Number: ISBN 978-1521252666