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Download the version you prefer from the right side of this page. The Story Hundreds of years from now, a ruthless agency manipulates time to make sure yesterday turns out the way it was supposed to. A secret base deep inside the moon sends young gay men on time travel […]


My works as storyteller and illustrator Madeira Desouza began with dawning light during what was a very dark time for me. Others who produce creative works have expressed difficulty understanding where their inspiration and drive come from. I do not know where to look for what compels my creativity. I […]

Bara Genre

What is Bara? This genre attracts a much smaller audience compared to other genres of visual works and storytelling. The little word is shortened from barazuko, which in Japanese means rose-tribe, a code phrase for gay men. Bara works are produced by gay men for gay men. The genre depicts […]


A 100% free version of the Moon Men Deep Inside (MMDI) stories is available at no obligation to purchase anything: Go to BajaClavius.com. The author and illustrator of is Madeira Desouza. This is similar in storytelling style and tone to the works of Russell T Davies of Doctor Who, Torchwood, […]